Sunday, December 5, 2010


Its been a couple weeks now and Rosie is home. She's a great puppy, or little dog, or whatever she is. I believed she was perfect until she broke out of her enclosure and trashed the house. She even climbed onto the dining room table to fetch and shred the library books I had borrowed on "how to train your puppy". Nice. The whole event somewhat spoiled her innocence. Now, she KNOWS that chewing on my stuff is just as much fun as chewing the toys I give her.   This part of the story may qualify as TMI, but Rosie also ate all of the colored pencils except red and orange, and the entire box of special oily bright crayons. I can't recall what they are called. When a puppy eats a full palette of oily crayons, one has to wonder what will come out. I was looking for rainbow poop, but my pal at Duck Creek Coffee Company insisted that when colors mix, you get brown (she should know, she's an artist).  The answer is: you get brown with red streaks, brown with orange flecks, brown with yellow chunks.  The Blue, Indigo, Violet and White colors went unaccounted for. In other words, brown.

In other news, Gabi turned 16 this week, I've been under the weather for 3 weeks and believe I have lost nearly all of my conditioning, and Minnesota has a great snow base.  Next weekend, my training partners and I will venture away to find some white stuff and remember why it is we have covered so many miles on foot and wheels in the last 7 months.  Wahoo!