Thursday, November 11, 2010

Coffee and Climbing

It is the morning of November 11, 2010 and this is Veteran's day. As a result, I get a Thursday off from teaching school and a beautiful fall day to do with what I please. As I drink my coffee this morning, I am thinking of coffee. My free-lance writing gig offers up article titles to write about based on webcrawler searches.  I read over choices (30,000) and claim titles I want. Today, I have two to write.  One is "Calories in Brewed Coffee", and the other is "Calories in Alterra Coffee".  This is funny to me. First, I could write a one-word article for each that says "Zero."  But that doesn't fit the format guidelines, so I need to dress up my article about the lack of calories in coffee and find a way to make it educational and not too much BS in 300 words.  Alterra coffee is the brand I drink daily at Duck Creek Coffee Company and the coffee I used to sell at CESpresso.  Its roasted right here in Wisconsin. I am eager to get paid to extol just how good Alterra's calorie-free coffee is to everyone who googles that particular query.  As a side, I can't duplicate the articles, so I essentially have to put into 600 words that there are no calories in anybody's coffee.
Climbing will also be a theme today and Saturday.  As we did last Veteran's day, my training pal and I will attempt to rollerski up the tallest hill in Brown County.  It is the Park Road hill in Denmark, one which adjoins property where I once lived. Last year, we couldn't make it without stopping a whole bunch of times. I am hoping to see some progress here.
Saturday, the goal will be to bound up Rib Mountain, the tallest hill in Wisconsin.  I suspect it may be a walk/bound combo, but either way, a great challenge.

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