Thursday, November 4, 2010

Poling Improvement Needed!

I love cross country skiing. I usually refer to it as Nordic skiing, but people aren't always sure what that is. Anyway, I have vowed that living here in Green Bay is the farthest south I shall ever live because I love snow and live to ski.  I spend a lot of time thinking about skiing better, and a lot of time trying to do so. For roughly 12 years, I have focused on the ski technique called skating, which as you might guess uses a skating motion.  Its fast and fun but requires decent technique to excel. I'd like to excel.  I am fortunate to be training with some folks who have helped me identify that I'm not too hot at poling, which is the bad news, but I'd like to think I can improve it and really get a whole lot better.
Today I roller skied and had it videotaped to help me see my faults. I went to buy new ferrules (these are the tips....mine were dull and add to my problems) and Mark sat me down to watch myself hill bounding earlier in the week. We talked about my poor.....poling. 
I'm giving myself a week to do some dramatic improvement. Both in roller skiing and in hill bounding. 
If you see me out and about with poles, you will know why.
Here is the link of today's roller ski clip. 
How I rollerski now. Ug.

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